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The following candidates have submitted certification applications by the Division of Professional Affairs. This does not constitute election, but places the names before the membership at large. Any information bearing on the qualifications of these candidates should be sent promptly to the Executive Committee, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, Okla. 74101.

Here's how to apply.
Name Company City State or Country Sponsors Certification Publish Date
Johnson, Gerald (Gene) Consultant KATY TX Douglas McGuire, Philip Salvador, Alan Brown CPG 05/03/2016
Kjorlaug, Idar MOECO OIL & GAS NORGE AS Asker Morten Rye-Larsen, Dirk Van Der Wel, Knut Henrik Jakobsson CPG 04/30/2016
Voelker, Foster Houston TX Andrew Hampf, Burt Bowen, Raymond Blackhall CPG 05/23/2016
King, Vaughn Kronus Geological Services Limited St Anns Xavier Moonan, Victor Ramirez, Curtis Archie CPG 04/28/2016
Mohammed, Sean Diego Martin Barry Wethington, Clement Ramroop, Curtis Archie GEOPH 04/26/2016