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Congressional Testimonies

The following candidates have submitted certification applications by the Division of Professional Affairs. This does not constitute election, but places the names before the membership at large. Any information bearing on the qualifications of these candidates should be sent promptly to the Executive Committee, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, Okla. 74101.

Here's how to apply.
Name Company City State or Country Sponsors Certification Publish Date
Bryden, Jeffrey David R. Fasken Oil & Ranch Midland TX David Entzminger, Dexter Harmon, Randi Martinsen CPG 2015/09/08
Campbell, Cameron Denney Chevron North America Exploration and Production Bakersfield CA Jeff Ottmann, Larry Knauer, John T. Williams CPG 2015/08/11
Chaudhuri, Arijit Bharat PetroResouces Ltd. (BPRL) Mumbai India Domonic simon
Golak Bihari Patnaik
Kumar V, Ajay
CPG 2015/08/25
Heckman, Katherine P. EQT Production PITTSBURGH PA Ashley Douds
Joe Morris
Craig Eckert
CPG 2015/09/08
Kugler, Ralph L. University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Peter Baillie
Robert Shoup
Walter Ayers
CPG 2015/09/29
Lagrilliere, Nick Maersk Oil Houston TX Terry O'Hare, Valary Schulz, Rick Fritz CPG 2015/08/10
Mazzoni, Stefano NEOS GeoSolutions Danville CA Kurt NeherCalifornia Resource Corp.
Kay Pitts Aera Energy
Ariel Auffant chevron
CPG 2015/09/30
McDermott, Samuel California Resources Corporation Long Beach CA Daniel Lee
Daniel Pignatiello
Katie Kovac
CPG 2015/08/25
McWalter, Michael Consultant Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Peter Baillie
Peter Lloyd
John Kaldi
CPG 2015/08/25
Moonan, Xavier Ravi Centrica Energy Port of Spain Trinidad Tobago Dr. Krishana Persad
Victor Rmairez
Victor Vega
James Pindell
CPG 2015/08/25
Raines, Michael A. Whiting Petroleum Corp Midland TX David J. Entzminger, Dexter Harmon, John Leone CPG 2015/09/08
Ribeiro, Frederico De Melo Independent Consultant Houston TX Kurt Neher, Joseph Versfelt, Timothy Chisholm CPG 2015/08/19
Salvador, Phillip Consultant Conroe TX CPG 2015/10/02
Trivedi, K. B. PetroSA Cape Town South Africa John George Kaldi
Jeffery Brooks Aldrich
James Peters
CPG 2015/08/25