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Mike Canich President’s Column

When my two sons were asked if the Zebra was a white animal with black stripes or a black animal with white stripes, one said the former, the other the latter. Each had his own perspective of the Zebra, and that is what I have found when I ask DPA members why they joined DPA. Some say for the professionalism, others say for certification, and there are many other answers. We need you to share whatever reasons spurred you to join DPA with your fellow AAPG members who do not yet belong to DPA. Read more >>>


Valary SchulzGEO-DC Energy Policy Office

A lot of activity is occuring on the congressional front including some comprehensive energy legislation and appropriations bills. Also, read about new regulations and the EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Report. Read more >>>


Hogg Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Committee is one of the 11 standing committees of the DPA. The chair of the committee is appointed annually by the president, and is charged with the development and supervision of all continuing education courses sponsored by the Division. These tasks include coordinating our activities with the AAPG Education Department. Robert “Bob” Shoup and I are committee co-chairs. Read more >>>


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DPA Professional Cards

DPA Professional Cards