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Rick Fritz President’s Column

Well it’s déjàvu all over again. We all remember the bumper stickers, “Please God, Just give me one more oil boom … I promise not to blow it next time!” Compared to some of the past busts, generally this bust has a softer bottom, so far. Of course, not so soft if you are laid off or looking for work. Read more >>>


Valary SchulzAAPG/DpA Playmaker forum

On Jan. 14, 2015, 300 professionals attended the Permian Basin Playmaker in Midland, Texas. The audience was packed to hear the latest talks on horizontal drilling, new techniques, and new discoveries in the Permian Basin. The conference attracted widespread participation. Read more >>>


Hogg Letter from the Editor

I finished reading Rick Fritz’s article, and I was immediately reminded of how many downturns, layoffs and corporate compressions I have seen in my career. I’m obviously not alone, as many in the DPA have been on that roller coaster with me. Read more >>>


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DPA Professional Cards

DPA Professional Cards