Division of Professional Affairs

Governmental Affairs Committee

Division of Professional Affairs

Governmental Affairs Committee

DPA Members Only Highlights:
DPA members can access and change their DPA membership profile information, access The Correlator newsletter, review current state and federal legislation that may impact the geoscience professions and much more.

Congressional Testimonies

Letter opposing proposed licensing changes signed by the Presidents of AAPG and DPA is sent to the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists.

New Reserves Classification Guidelines available

Guidelines for Application of the Petroleum Resources Managmeent System (PRMS) is now available for free download as a PDF.

Issue Advisory: Research and Development Needs of the U.S. Independent Oil and Gas Producer

This paper identifies five technical areas essential to enabling the nation’s independent oil and natural gas producers to deliver the petroleum resources that U.S. consumers require for everyday living. It was prepared as a reference document for the use of the AAPG Geoscience & Energy Office in Washington, D.C. as it communicates with policy makers.

Oil and gas related tax issues
in President Obama’s FY2010 budget

A voice in both industry and government affairs though the established committees within the DPA such as the Governmental Affairs Committee. In addition, the GAC prepares official Statements, which are then approved by the DPA President, and the AAPG Executive Committee.

AAPG Statements

As a professional, scientific association, AAPG is a credible source of information of interest to a wide spectrum of individuals. AAPG has a proud history of providing information to decision-makers and the public on matters concerning the science and profession of petroleum exploration.

In this role, AAPG has given testimony before the U.S. Congress, provided information to lawmakers on a national, state and local level, and has adopted statements that the association believes are of importance.

AAPG Statements Policy

Track Legislation

Join the DPA and follow pending state and federal legislation via the legislative reporting system.

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The following are the statements that are currently in effect. These will be reviewed periodically.

AAPG Statements on:

Committee Members (including meeting minutes)